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Groups are available for hire nationally and between Tasmania and Melbourne.

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Tania Bosak & The Barefoot Orchestra  (International)

A sonic memory composed by Tania Bosak with theatrical collaborators Margaret Cameron and Dan Witton and Musical Director Adam Simmons and an 8 piece all star band featuring an all star band with Dan Witton, Anita Hustas, Kynan Robinson, Phil Bywater, Jon Delaney, and Justin Marshall.

The Barefoot performs a composed theatre work EXIT, and is also available as a band! 

Tania Bosak Band

(Melbourne & Hobart)


braz - jazz - haitian - funk 

Playing in the Hobart Courtyard this Summer...2012

Tania Bosak brings together an all star line up, a balistic horn section, and an unpredictable improvisational edge. 

"A marvellous band with a playful energy!" Jessica Nicholas  ****   THE AGE
"Bosak is a charismatic performer with strong theatrical instincts and a natural comedic flair...
**** THE AGE on SAS


Velika Buka (Melbourne)

Velika Buka


From laid back grooves to music for dancing, Velika Buka play a concoction of infectious groove music from Eastern Europe, Napoli and Colombia, including gypsy swing and klezmer inspired originals.

Velika Buka features:

  • Tania Bosak — vocals, drums (Rektango, Beijao, Shlivovitz Orchestra TAS)
    Phillip Bywater — sax, clarinet, flute, vocals (Falling Water Trio, Toy Band, Big Fela)
  • Dave Evans — piano accordion, vocals (The Band Who Knew Too Much)
  • Anita Hustas - double bass


Rektango (Hobart)

Celebrating 12 years!


One of Tasmania's most loved bands over the past decade, Rektango established the famous outdoor courtyard now affectionately known as Rektango! They continue to be available for events, festivals and yes, even weddings — and you can expect everything from Continental Jazz, Colombian Cumbias, Sultry Spanish Waltzes, Shrieking Hungarian Gypsy Music and Rollicking Latin Rumbas. The band appears occassionally to mark the anniversary of the it's namesake event Rektango Courtyard! Always available if you pay Bosak's airfare to Tas or all of the boys airfares to the mainland.